Commercial Auto/Fleet

Commercial Auto/Fleet

The benefits of Commercial Auto insurance

Are you paying too much for Commercial Auto insurance? The amount you pay for Business Auto insurance can fluctuate abundantly among insurance carriers. Here at SureCo, we look out for you, bottom line. We do our best to ensure that you are paying the lowest amount possible by aggressively shopping your coverage around to all insurance carriers. By doing so, we save our new clients an average of 30% compared to what they are currently paying. Go ahead, press the "Get a Quote" button now, stop wasting money with your current high priced insurance company.

Many small business owners tend to be under the common misconception that Commercial Auto coverage is not an essential if their car is in their personal name, assuming that the vehicle is covered by their personal auto insurance. That is not true, most personal auto policies do not offer coverage for vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, unless that is the primary use of the vehicle. Many ill-informed agents often advise small business owners that Commercial Auto insurance is not a necessity, however the last thing you would want to do is argue with your insurer over whether your automobile was used primarily for personal use or business use. Commercial Auto coverage is absolutely necessary if you or your employees operate titled vehicles while working. In my opinion, the risk of a serious accident wiping out a small business far exceeds the premiums paid for the Commercial Auto coverage. A Commercial Auto policy serves the same purpose as your personal auto policy. It provides coverage to repair or replace a vehicle damaged in an accident, as well as paying the claims of any third-party injured in the collision.

On top of Commercial auto insurance, purchasing "non-owned auto" coverage can come in handy as well. Typically, Non-owned auto insurance caters to those employees that plan on using their personal automobiles for business use. Non-owned auto coverage provides coverage to the business while employees are using their personal vehicles for business use. It also provides coverage whenever the business makes use of vehicles that it does not own, this will include your personal car when being used for business purposes.

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