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ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: This coverage would provide payment in the event of loss or damage to your accounts receivables whereas those receivables due are deemed uncollectible. Reasonable costs of re-establishing records of the account receivables and the abnormal collections expenses are also included in this broad policy. An 80% co-insurance condition does apply. We also will require that you submit a Reporting Form to the insurer, on a monthly basis, to track your accounts receivable fluctuations.

BAILEES: This coverage protects your business in the event a customers' property which you hold care, custody, and control of, is lost or damaged and you or your business is held responsible.

CAMERA AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: This coverage provides insurance for dealers who sell cameras and musical instruments. Coverage is in effect while items are on premises, in transit, away from your premises while in the custody of an employee or when being held on premises for others.

COLD STORAGE LOCKER FLOATER: This provides insurance on the value of lawful goods and articles when stored in your cold storage locker.

COMMERCIAL ARTICLES FLOATER: This is written to insure your cameras or musical instruments when used for professional and commercial (for profit) purposes.

CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT FLOATER: This will protect your movable equipment in the event of damage or loss. Because you have an extensive schedule of equipment we will write your coverage on an annual adjustment form to ensure proper limits, and include automatic coverage on newly acquired equipment for days.

EQUIPMENT DEALERS COVERAGE: This includes insurance for your scheduled property while at your premises, while in transit, in the custody of others and elsewhere.

EXHIBITION FLOATER: Because you frequently attend trade shows and conventions, this coverage is needed to protect your property while being exhibited at these shows. Coverage is also provided for the transportation of that property to and from each exhibit.

FILM COVERAGE: This form covers exposed motion picture film, magnetic tapes and video tapes up to the time when the full production quota of prints or films has been satisfied.

FINE ARTS: This coverage insures your specifically scheduled paintings, sculptures, etchings, statues and other listed art work items on an "all risks" basis.

FLOOR PLAN MERCHANDISE: This coverage provides protection against loss or damage to financed merchandise in which a lending institution has interest or where the merchandise is being held as collateral. This will be written on a monthly reporting form basis.

INSTALLATION FLOATER: This coverage provides "ALL RISKS" protection on property in transit or at a customer's premises that is to be installed. Once the equipment or supply has been installed, or upon acceptance and receipt by the purchaser, coverage ceases.

INSTALLMENT SALES FLOATER: This endorsement provides payment in the event of merchandise which you sell on an installment (payment plan) basis, becomes damaged or destroyed before those payments are realized. This coverage can be written on a "single-interest" or "duel interest plan".

JEWELERS BLOCK COVERAGE: This covers stocks of merchandise including pearls, precious/semi-precious stones, jewelry, watches, gold, silver, platinum & other precious metals used or held for commercial purposes.
MAIL COVERAGE INSURANCE: This coverage protects your business from loss or damage of your fiduciary parcels when those parcels are mailed from a United States Post Office to a desired destination within the U.S. or it's territories.

OCEAN MARINE CARGO: This coverage protects your goods and merchandise from perils of the sea while in transport by ocean carrier.

OWNERS' MOTOR TRUCK CARGO: This coverage protects your property and merchandise while being transported by your carrier. An endorsement has been added to extend coverage to property located at a terminal or loading platform.

PARCEL POST COVERAGE: This insures your property on an "all risks" basis, to arrive safely and undamaged to the addressed receiver.

PATTERN & DIE FLOATER: This coverage is designed to provide the cost of replacing expensive patterns or dies used to produce products within your premises. This covers both your own property as well as your customers property.

PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS EQUIPMENT: This form covers medical, surgical and dental equipment and instruments, fixtures and furniture and tenants improvements.

REPORTING FORM: Because of the fluctuating values of your, a reporting form should be submitted on a monthly basis to ensure that you have the proper amount of coverage at all times. The premium charged is based on the gross monthly receipts or value of the insured stock or items.

SALESMENS FLOATER: This form covers samples of merchandise and catalogs that are in the charge of a salesman while traveling within the USA or Canada. Jewelry, and furs are not covered.

SALESPERSON'S SAMPLES: This coverage provides payment for lost or damaged merchandise being transported and used as a sample by outside salespersons.

SIGN COVERAGE: This added endorsement provides additional sign coverage for those scheduled signs of high value Included are neon, fluorescent, automatic or mechanical signs or lamps.

THEATRICAL PROPERTY: This form covers the scenery, props, costumes and equipment used for your theatrical performances and/or plays.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT FLOATER: This coverage protects against the loss or damage of your tools and equipment listed on the attached Equipment Schedule.

TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE: This coverage provides protection to your property and merchandise while being transported by carrier. It includes coverage of losses on an "all risks" basis. This can be written for individual shipments of high value.

VALUABLE PAPERS: This coverage protects your valuable papers and records in the event of direct physical loss. This covers the cost of reproducing those lost or damaged documents up to the policy limit. Papers damaged or lost while in transit or while in the temporary custody of others are also insured. Irreplaceable documents may also be insured at a "stated amount".

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